With the capabilities of modern technology advancing seemingly every hour, it can be overwhelming to keep up with the newest technology.

Gadgets like Amazon Echo and Nest thermostats have so many functions that many of us wonder where to even begin.

The same is true for fitness-oriented technology such as Apple Watches, FitBits, and the like.

Instead of reaching “analysis paralysis” with your fitness technology, we have a few must-have recommendations. Download these functions on your smart watch as a start, and rest-assured that you’ll be getting a lot out of your device.

Fitness Technology Tips

At StarFit Studio in Arlington and Alexandria, our women’s fitness gyms are committed to using technology to inform smart, goal-oriented workouts. Try out a group exercise class at one of our fitness studios in Northern Virginia to see what we’re all about!

Here are our recommendations that will help with your fitness and wellness goals.

Download WaterMinder

If you have an Apple Watch, you know just how many applications there are to download. If you download any, make sure it’s WaterMinder. This app is excellent for anyone who forgets to drink water throughout the day. WaterMinder tracks your water intake and it politely reminds you to drink water every hour.

Being properly hydrated is the staple of good health and effective fitness routines. There’s no sense in going to the gym if your body isn’t properly hydrated enough to handle the exertion.

Connect For Friendly Competition

Your Apple Watch also has an “Activity” app on its dashboard. In addition to tracking your steps, exercise, and standing goals, “Activity” can also share your fitness metrics with certain friends and family. You can choose who can see these stats, and it’s one of the best ways to promote healthy competition. If you see that Sarah, for instance, has already run three miles and you’ve barely met your standing goal, it might be that extra motivation you need to get to the gym.

At StarFit Studio, we’ve seen first-hand how the support of a group helps individuals to meet fitness goals. Our small group exercise classes feature group statistics and include personal fitness tracking. Plus, every participant has their own personal goal and tracking, so you’re only measured by how hard you’re working — not necessarily how fast you’re going or how many calories you’ve burned.

On your smart device, you can also download an app called Strava. With Strava, you have the chance to compare your exercise length, intensity, and speed with Strava users around the world. So, the next time you head out to the Billy Goat trail for a trail run or hike, you can see how you stack up compared to other Northern Virginia runners.

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