While traditional gyms are all a bit different, we’ve noticed a common denominator among them.

When you enter a workout floor, you hear the clanking of heavy weights, the whirling motion of treadmills, and the occasional exasperated breathing.

What’s more salient is what you see. Generally, it’s people looking somber, serious, and . . . totally miserable. When’s the last time you saw someone laugh or smile at a traditional gym? Maybe on the way out.

At StarFit Studio in Arlington and Alexandria, we’re committed to a different type of fitness. If you spend a portion of your week doing anything, we believe it should be enjoyable as well as beneficial.

That’s why our women’s fitness center prides itself on being a community where fun, safety, non-judgment, and caring take the place of too-intense workouts.

We don’t just say we’re committed to a fun community; rather, we show it through our various women’s fitness offerings, including:

Group Fitness Classes

It’s so much easier and more enjoyable to work out when you’re with a group of like-minded, supportive women. At StarFit studio, we’re not training to be on American Ninja Warrior or for the CrossFit Games (though you can do that too) — we’re training to become stronger, healthier version of ourselves. As a result, our group fitness classes are a much more encouraging environment than a more intense training gym.

Individualized Pacing

StarFit members go at their own pace in small group fitness classes lead by certified personal trainers. Each group fitness class is capped at eight people, so it’s far smaller than your typical 30-person group fitness class you’d find at gyms or yoga studios. It’s the perfect combination of individualized workouts and group fitness.

New Exercises

Another reason our fitness studio has an enjoyable atmosphere is because fitness classes change every week. Don’t get stuck in a boring routine of running on the treadmill and then doing a core workout. Instead, stay motivated and engaged with our world-class fitness trainers and class routines.

If group exercise isn’t your style, we still encourage you to give StarFit a try. Our community is judgment-free and everyone is there to motivate each other and to meet their personal fitness goals.

Women’s Fitness Environment

Part of what makes our community so positive involves our commitment to women’s fitness. There’s something special about working out with other women. You make friends, participate in workouts that are tailored to you, and can connect to a community.

To us, women’s fitness isn’t about toned abs or glutes — the images of women’s fitness that are too often perpetuated in magazines. Instead, we believe women’s fitness involves responsive exercises that recognize the anatomical differences in bodies. It’s about becoming stronger and healthier.

Try StarFit Studio Today

Northern Virginia is competitive enough as is. Join a women’s fitness studio where members support each other, give to the community, and don’t take exercise more seriously than it needs to be taken.

StarFit Studio, with locations in Alexandria and Arlington, has three different membership options available. Plus, new participants can sign up for a free trial to get a feel for our women’s fitness studio.

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