If you’ve been to a local gym recently, you’ve probably seen the acronym “HIIT” floating around. HIIT refers to high-intensity interval training, and it’s one of the most popular workout formats these days.

At StarFit Studios, we recognize the distinct benefits that an interval-based workout offers. That’s why each of our small women’s fitness group classes structures itself using interval-based training.

Learn more about interval-based training today, and try out our women’s fitness studio in Arlington and Alexandria to give it a shot! Your first session is free, so you can get a feel for our community without making any initial investment.

What Is Interval-Based Training?

In general, interval-based training, as the name suggests, involves intense periods of exertion followed by short periods of rest. While the intervals of exertion are usually between 30 seconds and three minutes, these workouts are called “high-intensity” for a reason.

That’s because the repeated pattern of activity and rest keeps your heart rate elevated throughout the workout.

Examples of HIIT workouts include 30 seconds of sprinting followed by one minute of sprinting. Or, you might do jumping jacks for one minute and rest for 15 seconds. HIIT workouts can take a variety of forms and include a variety of isolated exercises — the important aspect is that you engage in short bursts of activity followed by constructive rest.

What Are The Benefits Of Interval-Based Training?

More than any other exercise type, interval-based training is scientifically linked to burning fat and building muscle mass. So, if you’re looking for a fitness routine that helps with weight loss and toning, interval-based exercise is a great option.

At StarFit, each women’s fitness workout class is one hour. During that hour, up to eight students complete an interval-based workout led by a personal trainer. An hour of time isn’t an arbitrary metric. After a one-hour HIIT workout, your metabolism can stay activated for up to two days.

In the fitness world, this phenomenon is known as “afterburn” or “excess post-exercise oxygen consumption.” The hard work you put in at StarFit will continue to strengthen and tone your body long after the class is over.

StarFit Studio Interval-Based Classes

HIIT classes aren’t just a fitness fad; rather, they’re one of the best ways to get in shape and build strength.

At StarFit, each of our classes includes different fitness stations that participants move through at a fast pace. At one station, you might be doing star jumps — it’s in the name, after all — and the next station might involve rowing. Each class fitness routine uses different exercises, so you’ll get a new, engaging workout every time you come in.

Forget about a stagnant gym routine where you spend more time wondering what equipment to use rather than actually working out. At our women’s fitness studio, you’ll be supported, challenged, and structured all at the same time.

StarFit Membership Options

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