When it comes to meeting fitness goals, a solid exercise routine is only half the battle.

You could workout for an hour every single morning, invest in personalized training sessions, and use an Apple Watch to keep you standing at your desk.

The reality, however, is that even the best fitness routine cannot compensate for a poor diet.

Fitness and nutrition go hand-in-hand, like reading and writing, snow and skiing, and the Beltway and stop-and-go traffic.

It’s impossible to truly reach your body’s potential unless you’re committed to nutrition in addition to fitness. At StarFit Studio, we firmly believe in a holistic approach to women’s fitness.

That’s why our women’s fitness studios in Alexandria and Arlington offer in-house nutritionists.

How Can A Nutritionist Benefit You?

It’s not like the concept of eating healthy and nutrient-dense food is new. Instead, it just becomes hard to eat well, workout, and perform all the other duties that your Northern Virginia lifestyle demands. It’s just hard to fit it all in.

As a solution to this common problem, StarFit Studio has invested in on-site nutritionists for our members. This alleviates the issues of “I don’t have time to go to a nutritionist” and “I don’t want to pay for another fitness service.”

Convenience is key, and we’ve seen excellent results when our StarFit Studio clients commit to both fitness and nutrition.

Nutritionists can help you to:

  • Create a personalized diet plan — a nutritionist will develop a plan for your body and lifestyle, based on your health history, lifestyle goals, and fitness routine.
  • Meet weight loss goals — if you’re having trouble gaining or losing weight, a nutritionist can provide additional strategies and determine where the break down might be.
  • Manage chronic conditions — if you have a chronic condition or want to prevent against one, nutrition is usually the first line of defense. Working with a nutritionist can help you to manage symptoms and build a strong microbiome.
  • Determine a fitness plan — while working out every single day is great for some people, others might be better off working out every other day. A nutritionist that understands fitness can let you know what type of fitness routine will best help you meet your lifestyle goals.

When you have a prescribed plan and can speak with someone about your fitness and health goals, it makes it much easier to meet them.

To take advantage of our in-house nutritionist, join StarFit Studio today with locations in Alexandria and Arlington!

Nutrition And Fitness At StarFit Studio

If nutrition is one piece of the pie (or spinach salad, in this case), then fitness is the other. At our women’s fitness studio, participants take small group exercise classes for an hour. Because our fitness classes are capped at eight students, they offer a supportive, fast-paced environment. Plus, each fitness class is led by a certified personal trainer — you won’t get a ratio like this in other small group fitness classes.

To develop a holistic health and wellness routine, look no further than our Top Rated Local® fitness studios in Alexandria and Arlington. Join today!