“I’m a better version of me when I attend StarFit regularly. I’m a more confident, healthy, and patient wife, mother, and human being.” 

When 28 year-old Rosemary Eldridge first started working with the trainers at StarFit Studios in 2017, she had a few missions in mind: to strengthen her core and back so that she could engage more with her son and to lose not only her baby weight, but also a few extra pounds she’d been struggling with for years before. The biggest focus was her back, however, as she’d suffered some injuries that limited her ability to lift and stand for long periods of time, leading to repeated bouts of having her back go out each week. 

Naturally, the back issues presented a challenge in allowing her to work out—as did the fact that, as a 1st Lieutenant in the Army Reserves, she no longer had the same accountability that she had during active duty. Fortunately for Eldridge, however, there were people who were ready, willing, and able to help her find her own strength. “I started going to StarFit because I hated working out alone, didn’t have the time to figure out the best workouts for my chronic back pain, and needed accountability. Before StarFit, my whole workout experience had been military-based and always included groups of people, strict timelines, and set workouts. After leaving active duty and going into the Army Reserves, I lost that,” says Eldridge, a Patient Administrator at a field hospital who also serves as the Director of Programs and Communications at the Catholic Information Center in addition to being a wife, mother, and Army Reservist. 

Two years later, she’s made great gains—and losses—in achieving the goals she set out for herself when she started training at StarFit. “I’m able to pick up my son, give him a bath, and stand for more than 30 minutes,” Eldridge says. “I have more good back days than bad, and I know that’s because of StarFit. I can actually go several weeks now without my back giving out; it went from happening multiple times a week to maybe once a month,” she goes on. “My strength has also become incredibly improved. When I started StarFit, I was only able to hold a plank for 10 seconds. With the help of StarFit, I was able to strengthen my core and back enough to hold a plank for two and a half minutes! I was really proud of that. I also dropped from a size 12 to a size 6; and I even wore a size 6 wedding dress on my wedding day. I felt so beautiful!”

Strength is beautiful, and Eldridge is a great representation of that. Her biggest takeway? “I’m a better version of me when I attend StarFit regularly. I’m a more confident, healthy, and patient wife, mother, and human being,” she states. And that’s definitely worth every minute of pushing through the challenges.